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              Kikendaasogmig - Our Place for Knowledge 

Gojijing   Debwewin miinwaa Neyaabinigemin Maawnjiydiwin

Gojijing Truth and Reconciliation Gathering

Mnjikaning Water Song


Miigwech Gzhemnidoo

Miizhyaang Nibiwaaboo

Miigwech Gzhemnidoo

Gchi Miigwech Nibiwaaboo


Yaa Yaa Awey Heya

Yaa Yaa Awey Heya

Yaa Yaa Awey Heya

Yaa Yaa Yaa Awey Heya


(Repeat 4 rounds)


Elder - Grandmother Lorraine McRae

Niigaan Enaabid Mnjikaniikwe

Chippewas of Rama First Nation


We are grateful and honour the generosity of the southern watershed of Manido’wi zaagaiaagan (Spirit Lake) – Georgian Bay, Gojijijng - Lake Couchiching and Wawaseyaaguming (Shining Lake) – Lake Simcoe. Waters that have historically sustained the lives of the Wendat, and the Anishinaabe, and today give life to the Haudenosaunee and Georgian Bay Métis. Who, through various agreements generously share this life with nations and newcomers from all corners of Mother Earth.  


We are committed to the spirit of Debwewin, Truth and understand that it always comes first, and is always at the centre.   One of our collective commitments to Action is education and this site represents a co-creative first step in awakening and deepening our journey today to honour all of our ancestors, relatives and all of life in generations to come.  


Language: Ojibwe

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