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Michael Jones' Deep Song

The deep listening, gentle touch and living tapestry of Michael's music and words, naturally resounds the beauty and gift of his presence.  Through his song lines he lives on, and many have related to him as a humble master, mentor, guide and grandfather of the dialogue movement - naturally healing, teaching, protecting, and transforming collective pathways of vision, possibility and change.  Through his most recent publishing, The Soul of Place, Michael invites us through our presence to be the soul of place, and inspires a portal of transformation through a patterned pathway of Homecoming, Belonging, Regenerativity and Transformative Celebration. 


We wanted to create a living room to continue to honour, educate and inspire others and communities of change with the living work and legacy of Michael Jones.  Locally across our bioregion, he has been a grandfather and Elder to our Gojijing Truth and Reconciliation Roundtables, and before the Mariposa Roundtable, Cultural Roundtables, placemaking and many others.  Globally and locally he through his work he has transformed leadership and organizational practice.  

If you haven't had the opportunity we encourage you to take a moment to read a beautiful honouring of Michael's life and links to many of his work by John Swartz in the Orillia Sun and Nathan Taylor in Orillia Matters.  

Please scroll below for video teachings and conversations with Michael

Finding Voice: The Power of Story
Michael Jones, a widely recognized leadership educator, speaker, writer and pianist /composer, explores the power of story in transforming leadership at our conference on Dialogue and Leading for Collective Intelligence.


Who will play your music?
The art of leading imaginatively

Our Journey of Awakening 

Gojijing Dialogues

This was our last dialogue with Michael mid December 2021, in which he invited us into reflections on prophecy and awakening our collective imagination together with Elder John Rice,  Sharon Langfield, Peter Cox and Erin Dixon - hosted together by the Gojijing Truth and Reconciliation Roundtable community.

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