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to our virtual walk 

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Book Club Reference and Guide

Welcome to our greater community of life in our learning journey, a step in our pathway. The learning portals and content will continue to grow and evolve with continued guidance and collaboration.


You will notice that some resources are longer, and other are snapshots that cover the surface of a teaching or important conversation.  Please do follow your heart and where you are called.  We do want to remind everyone that this covers many aspects of the truth of our living and shared history from cultural genocide, the violence of colonization and our collective trauma and healing.  Please do take care and make sure as families, schools or friends that you make time to journal, express and share your journey.


If you have a local story or resource please be in touch!  Please watch the video for language, welcoming, and navigation. Please click within the blue star, to enter the learning journey and begin your virtual walk.  


A quick navigation tip that we just received, some of the virtual pathways lead to youtube, google or other websites, depending on your device you may need to download platforms like youtube if you haven't already accessed them on your device. Please do be in touch on our contact page if you are experiencing any difficulties, or have further helpful tips we can share, we are happy to support.  

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