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We are in an enchanted journey from the 7th to the heart of our 8th fire


Convenors:  Michael Jones, Zhaabadiis Menoomnii (John Rice) and Erin Dixon

Host: Gojijing Truth and Reconciliation Roundtable

Please be in touch with any questions, supports you may need to register or fully participate, you are welcome to join, for as many of the dialogues as you  are able. Please register here and you will receive a confirmation email with the link and all necessary details.


What would it mean to the future of our bioregion if we were to reawaken our aural - oral culture, honoring our place in the sacred hoop of life through song, word and story? The dialogues cultivate the soil - foundation for a k(new) partnership between Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members in our bioregion – gojijing watershed, all of our relations and partners in the subtle, more than human world. Through ancient ways, the four dialogues will explore four portals to the aural imagination including homecoming, belonging, generativity, and transformative celebration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The reawakening of our aural - oral culture

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was song

With a song we sang the world into being

if we are quiet and listen carefully

We will hear the earth singing still

With the joyful cry Mino Ayaamin – We are well

In the beginning the creator gave all human beings the same way of being. For thousands of years indigenous peoples of the world gathered together to honor their place in the sacred hoop of life through song, word and story. Awakening the aural imagination in this way is the source of bzaanibimaadiziwin, life flowing as it should, in health, harmony and happiness, for time immemorial. The newcomers who arrived to Turtle Island, were cut off from, or had left this powerful aspect of their nature behind and forcefully prohibited all of the inhabitants of Turtle Island from practicing in their way through song, word and story.  Consequently, many can no longer hear the earth singing and the world is deeply disconnected and divided as a result.  


We are between stories now. The old story in survival of the fittest, scarcity and separation, where for one to win another must lose, has lost its gravity. Currently there is a reshaping through our aural imagination to our everlasting songs and with these k(new) capacities for listening and partnering in k(new) ways.

Our Journey of Awakening 

Jibwaa Biidaabang


Before the Dawn

Reawakening the oral imagination offers an inquiry rich in our living history and cultural illumination. Our aural journey of truth, healing, and reconciliation helps to regenerate right relations with our place in the land, community and the subtle world. Deepening our relationship with emergent possibility, the unknown and with the life of future spirit beyond 7 generations, enables us to sing our world into being, as a reflection of Mother Earth’s nurturing whole.


Gojijing Dialogues 

Gaagige Nagamowin      Everlasting Songs

I hear Mother Earth singing


The Earth Sings

Miigwech gii bizhaayeg omaa

Thank you for coming to the Centre


To love our place in the land, the beauty of all our relatives in creation.

While we look to the stars for vision, we turn our ear to the ground for wisdom. The aural imagination is place based. And wisdom sits in places. To find it we need to become native to the ground we are standing in.


Thank you for coming to the Centre.


Walking in Beauty


I accept you

The love of community, our ancestors, subtle world,

all my relations

We are familiar with the story of the solo being, strong, independent and industrious - the regeneration of our aural culture sings an ancient song, and our k(new) story of inter -being, wherein our actions are based upon listening into how they are in sacred reciprocity to the well-being and intelligent design of the whole. To accept the gift of the other and otherness.

I accept you.



Leading by Grace



I’ll do it

The love of self, emergent possibility and the unknown 

Emergence, the openness to hearing the words from on the tongue as we speak sits at the heart of being a generative force in the world. It means not only speaking but being brought to speech.


I’ll do it.

Transformative Celebration


Embracing Hope

Aanji-maajiiging Manidookewinan


Grow while changing in the ceremony of life

The love of life and spirit, the future and the world becoming more integrated and whole, centered in Mother Earth as part of the whole.
The eye divides. it can see only one thing at a time. The ear multiplies, it hears everything at once. Sounding together we create a symphony of life celebrating our place in the family of things.


Grow while changing in the ceremony of life.

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